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Your Pension – It’s Never Too Early to Start

Some parents are contributing to pension funds for their children even before they start nursery school. In the tax year 2011/2012 if you wanted to contribute the annual ‘basic amount’ of £3600, this would actually cost you £2880, as the £720 is made up by the Government in the form of tax relief.

Start Building Your Pension Pot

When you’re young it’s easy to ignore the inevitability of growing old. But the younger you can start contributing to your pension, the better. Because your pension scheme is going to be in place over a number of years, it’s vitally important to get it right first time. There are many considerations, including the pension provider’s past performance, administration charges and the plan’s flexibility.


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Pensions – Are You Saving Enough? Nearly Half of Us Aren’t!


49% of the UK’s working population don’t save enough for a pension. Most people would like a retirement income of £24,300 pa to live comfortably, requiring a pension pot of £400,000! So the choices are simple - work longer, lower your expectations, or SAVE more.

BMA Pension strike action goes ahead

Doctors today went ahead with their strike action. Angry listeners aired their views on the Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show. Tweets and phone-ins showed not too much sympathy for the Doctors, despite a spokes women saying they work hard and do a stressful job. What does that mean? Everyone else finds their work stress-free? No doubt their £48,000 annual Pension will help ease the pain. How will the Government react?

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