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Regulated by the FCA, (Financial Conduct Authority), Financial Advisors are required to have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of your financial circumstances BEFORE they offer any advice regarding services or products. Are you aware that there are some financial products available only through the Advisor network and not through, say, High Street Banks? IFAs and Tied-Agents have extensive contacts with all the major insurance companies, pension providers and mortgage lenders enabling them to offer you the range of products most suited to your needs. Liaising with a local professional could be a sensible option as opposed to dealing with a remote call centre possibly thousands of miles away.



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News and Views

Wirral Council Spending

17 Feb 2013

The council will be spending £125,000 sponsoring Tranmere Rovers Football Club. Hope the people who were in the 5 care homes the council closed feel happy for them. The council still have a 3 year deficit shortfall of over 20 million. What is going on.

A Tough 4 weeks for Greece

18 May 2012 Amid rumours that the Greek Banking system could collapse before the repeat elections in 4 weeks’ time, Moody has downgraded 16 Spanish Banks today, due to worries that Greece exiting the Euro would leave them vulnerable. If the Greeks vote against austerity measures, could it lead to the start of the breakup of the Eurozone advocated by MEP Nigel Farage?

Spanish Banks Misjudged Bad Loans

The debt problem is worsening for Spanish Banks. One of the reasons is that the numbers struggling to repay loans has been grossly underestimated. In the past, Banks have allowed borrowers a temporary break in repayments. But now many find it difficult to restart payments. Would you want to resume payments on your holiday apartment knowing the value is falling?

Aviva Proud of its Protection Claims Payment Record

Aviva’s claims for life insurance and 94.1% for critical illness were settled during 2011, equating to a payout totalling £439 million. 67% of the claims for Critical Illness were as a result of cancer. The total of Aviva’s CI claims was £114 million.

BMA Pension strike action goes ahead

Doctors today went ahead with their strike action. Angry listeners aired their views on the Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show. Tweets and phone-ins showed not too much sympathy for the Doctors, despite a spokes women saying they work hard and do a stressful job. What does that mean? Everyone else finds their work stress-free? No doubt their £48,000 annual Pension will help ease the pain. How will the Government react?

Increasing Gap between Public and Private Sector Pay


A report by the Office of National Statistics has concluded that the salary gap between public and private sector workers has continued to widen despite the recession. Public sector advantage has increased from  just over 5% in 2007 to 8.2% per hour in 2011.

It’s harder for Public Sector staff

4 April 2012

Looking to be re-employed could be hard going for Public Sector workers who have been laid off. In a recent survey over 40% of firms interviewed said they would not be looking at staff just made redundant due to Government cutbacks. Difficult times ahead.